Be the change you wanna see in the world

The camera lights keep flashing and if you stare too long, you’ll have to blink before your eyes hurt. They will yell and call out your name and ask you to pose in different ways, sometimes seductively. You have the option or ignoring and walking away rapidly or obliging and prompting more calls or screams.

The moment they all crave, some relish in it while others are a slave to it. Celebrity Class 101, if you don’t like being the center of attention please leave the room now. But if you crave the spotlight and have deep veins of vanity running in your body, this is home and this is exactly where you belong.

Ok, that may sound too harsh, some people are thrust into the limelight unwillingly by the talent they have been given. I’m not talking about the idiot that steps out only when he notices the cameraman and journalists. You don’t want your picture taken? Then go through the back or wear a mask fool!

So, we walked away from all that a couple of years ago, haven’t looked back since. Well, except for a couple of guest appearances and features that I have to admit pay very well. We regrouped and launched Co-Sign, an urban entertainment company and agency.
A lot has changed but a lot has also remained the same. The jeans still sag although not as baggy as before, there’s still a preference for plain white tees but they’re mostly V-neck now instead of round neck, the closet still has more sneakers than shoes but there’s only a pair of timberlands now as opposed to 5, and well suits are still reserved for very special occasions but there’s a couple of pairs now instead of just one.

Our focus is much more stronger. Aiming to become the Middle East region’s most powerful agency, collecting and amassing a bevy of talents and a blueprint to export these talents to larger markets. Sitting at the round table with artists like Malikah, Ash Hamman, Desert Heat, Deen, Noush and working on a music festival, or tour or new movie, our gates are always open for something that could make a change.

We had an interesting experience in Romania with hahaha Production and 20CM, we worked with Cheloo on his Sophomore album and yes, there are some real potentials there. Also, bringing a new meaning to the phrase ‘home sweet home’, Chill Brothers Records, the house that DJ Christu, Raku & Yolo built was the official base. Strategizing, plotting while beats played in the background, the sounds filtering in through the studio doors, effectively captivating any artist’s attention until you got up, grabbed a pen and pad and starting writing a song like your life depended on it. Breaking into Christu’s hard drive would be the dream of any record label in the world because that would mean access to instant hits. Note: Do not try it though, please i beg you, because the Navy Seals won’t be able to defend you after that.

So if we find talents, we’ll import them to Dubai, produce their album and market here and in Romania. We are focused primarily on urban music, hip hop, r’n’b, soul, but we also won’t mind getting our rock on.

Here is a sample of what we do:

Desert Heat – Under Her Feet

Ash Hamman – Body N Soul ft. General Pype

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